What's open?

Beginning Monday, Jan. 11, all counties/regions in Washington are subject to the public health measures outlined in the governor’s regional-based Healthy Washington plan. Detailed guidance and information is available on the governor's website.

If you think a business isn't operating in compliance with the Safe Start plan, you can anonymously report a violation.

As of Jan. 11, all counties/regions are currently in Phase 1.


Download the chart as a screen-reader compliant PDF.

If the activity is not listed, it should follow its current guidance. All K-12/higher education, health care, and childcare are exempt from the new restrictions and will follow current guidance. These restrictions do not apply to courts and judicial branch-related proceedings.


  1. Indoor social gatherings with people from outside your household are prohibited.
  2. Outdoor social gatherings shall be limited to ten (10) people from outside your household, limit 2 households.
  3. Worship services allowed up to 25% indoor capacity.
  4. Retail stores, including farmers markets, allowed up to 25% indoor capacity. Curbside pick-up is encouraged.
  5. Professional services allowed up to 25% indoor capacity. Remote work strongly encouraged.
  6. Personal services allowed up to 25% indoor capacity.
  7. Eating and drinking establishments are closed for indoor dine-in service. Outdoor dining and to-go service are permitted, provided that all outdoor dining must comply with the requirements of the Outdoor Dining Guidance. Table size for outdoor dining is limited to a maximum of six (6) people and two (2) households. Establishments only serving individuals 21+ and no food remain closed.
  8. Wedding and funeral ceremonies are allowed with up to 30 people. Indoor receptions, wakes or similar gatherings remain prohibited.
  9. Indoor recreation and fitness for low-risk sports (dance, no-contact martial arts, gymnastics, climbing) are permitted for practice and training in groups of no more than five (5) athletes. Appointment-based fitness/training is allowed for 45-minute maximum session with no more than one (1) customer/athlete per room or, for large facilities, per 500 sqft.
  10. Indoor entertainment establishments such as aquariums, theaters, arenas, concert halls, gardens, museums, bowling alleys, trampoline facilities, cardrooms and event spaces are open for private rentals/tours of individual households up to six (6) people. General admission remains prohibited.
  11. Outdoor entertainment establishments such as zoos, gardens, aquariums, theaters, stadiums, event spaces, arenas, concert venues and rodeos can be open for ticketed events with groups of up to ten (10) people from two (2) households. Timed ticketing is required.